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Earn up to £35k per year testing video games.

Sign up to this professional, six-week, vocational QA course now and you will have everything you need to start a successful and meaningful career in the booming video games industry. Work internationally with great people on hot, creative products. Help solve problems and contribute to a team and a mass market audience.

A new career for anyone

For Actors

Work when you’re resting

For Students

Earn while you’re studying

For Musicians

A job between gigs

For Graduates

Get your foot in the door

For Gamers

A job doing what you love

For Airline Staff

Work when you’re grounded

For Hospitality Workers

Change your career

The Games Industry is constantly growing and constantly hiring!



we can give you the skills and experience employers need, and the ability to prove it to the right people


are looking for the right people with the right skills and experience

Let’s build your career together

by putting you above the competition

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or 4 monthly payments of £625


or 4 monthly payments of £625

What You’ll Learn

Vocational Video Games QA Course

  • Full and detailed Video Games Industry standard QA course
  • Learn how to test games professionally
  • Comprehensive multimedia materials
  • Learn the latest industry tools
  • Understand and use the language of professional game development
  • Learn the different types of games QA and the jobs available
  • Work on real games for real experience
  • Vocational coursework that employers trust
  • Build your portfolio and games industry CV
  • Group tuition and mentorship
  • Recorded lessons and downloadable materials to watch and use time and time again
  • Guest industry speakers and tutors (experts and legends from the games industry)
  • Access to our members-only team of industry experts
  • Access to our global community and connections

A future-proofed career is more than a job. It’s an opportunity to stand up and be your best self.

It doesn’t matter what grades you got, what you look like, what your name is or where you used to work. In games, we only care about what you can do.

Covid has hurt a lot of industries and a lot of people, but the games industry has only grown faster during these strange times.

Even automation isn’t getting rid of us. Computers can’t turn themselves into toys, but you can! And you know what? It’s fun.


Take the first steps in changing your life. Put the right weapons and pick-ups in your inventory, gear up and head out to take on the quest. Choose this vocational training now to get the qualifications and skills you need to be a games tester, and give yourself a head start in professional game development.

In depth vocational training course

Test real games with real industry tools

Learn the vocabulary you’ll need for the industry

Support with your personal games CV


Level up your character, loot the best treasure and end-game weapons, ready to take on the boss on your road to mastery. QA is a job with a pathway right to the top, and our career mentoring will equip you to move up if you so choose. Become a senior tester and prepare yourself for management. Stand victorious as a Warrior in the professional games industry.

Real experience for a professional portfolio

Guaranteed interview with coaching and support

Complimentary Mentor Your Career online course (free!)

Learn how a studio functions and how to navigate your career

Free access to introductory lessons on our next course, Become a Producer

Who The Course Is For

  • Gamers who want to turn their passion or hobby into a career
  • People who want to break free from a dead end or boring job
  • Anyone who has seen their industry hit by Covid-19:
    workers from the retail, travel, hospitality and creative sectors etc.
  • Individuals who are able to work but don’t yet have an opportunity or lack confidence
  • Intelligent folk who have not yet made up their mind what they want to do with their life
  • Mums and Dads returning to work
  • Folk just looking for a meaningful, fun and creative life

The Games Business Has No Age, Gender Or Ethnicity Barriers To Entry

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or 4 monthly payments of £625

Learn from practising games industry professionals
and get the vital, practical skills employers trust

Bonus Material

More than a QA Course


All-Access Pass

As a student on our course, you will receive an All-Access Pass to the Business of Indie Games virtual summit

Worth: £199


Career Course

Included in the course is our games industry career mentoring which will teach you how to take control of your work life, with simple to follow strategies to identify and achieve your perfect career

Worth: £820


Play-Test Interview

When you have completed the course, we will take you through a play-test interview to ensure you are ready to find your dream job, and our tutors will give you your first reference!

Worth: Potentially priceless!

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or 4 monthly payments of £625

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If you have any questions about the course, please send us a message and we’ll get straight back to you.

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or 4 monthly payments of £625